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Besides, the Western takes military action to combat al Qaeda. U.S had taken military action more than 15 times in the Southern part of Yemen which is the sum of the past 10 years. U.S also sends fighters for bombing. A senior leader of al Qaeda was killed (Cri, 2012).

Idea of al Qaeda cannot gain support in Islamic world
Al Qaeda prefers a Jihad against non-Islamic world. However, this radical idea cannot attract people. Most people participate in terrorist attack or directly fight with U.S is due to anti-colonial mind. In 2003, U.S and her allies invaded Iraq. Many young Muslims from Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and Jordan went to Iraq to fight against U.S. Most of them are not the member of al Qaeda. Also, al Qaeda has no weak towards Arab Spring. Zawahiri had decided to overthrow Egypt for a long time. However, people do not response his call out. Reason that motivates them is universal value such as democracy and human right which are not considered by bin Laden. They act without classification of gender and religion and organized through Facebook and Twitter (Gerges, 2011).
In addition, radical behavior of al Qaeda not only hurts Western power but also innocent Islamic people. People in Middle East suffered large economic lost due to attack of al Qaeda. This makes al Qaeda further isolated in Islamic world. For example, Zarqawi launched much suicide bombing in Iraq which is deliberately targeting Iraqi women and children (Gerges, 2011).
Furthermore, al Qaeda cannot peacefully cooperate with other Islamic political regime. Some Sunni leaders criticized the radical strategy of Zawahiri. Zawahiri suppress voices of dissident thorough assassination, kidnapping and bombing. As a result, al Qaeda is isolated. Many people...

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... attacks the West. However, the threat still exits. It tends to become a potential threat in the future. Report of U.S Department of State mentioned that the declining al Qaeda is transforming into a sustainable threat. There is a rise of branches of al Qaeda. They are taking over original function of the camp. This is helpful to recovery of al Qaeda. For instance, the branch of North Africa is the weakest branch in the past. It became strong through kidnapping. The branch of Iraq grasps the chance of retreat of U.S army to act in Iraq. It occupies Fallujah and builds Islamic Emirate. It also engages in anti-Syrian government action (Sohu, 2014). Some intelligence even shows that there is a tendency for al Qaeda to use Syria as a bridge to penetrate to the west in future (Chinanews, 2014). So, the west should keep an eye on al Qaeda as it may recover in the future.
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