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As March Madness approaches, fans and players prepare for one of the most exciting tournaments in college sports. Fans pack the arenas to see these men go to battle and put it all on the line for the title. As we watch these athletes compete, we can’t help but ask why don’t these athletes get paid. There are over 420,000 collegiate athletes that partake in Division One, Two, or Three athletics according to the NCAA. Whether or not these athletes should get paid has been a pressing issue. Every year the NCAA and Universities earn millions of dollars off their athletes, but what do the athletes get in return, a free tuition? With the price of college now a day, a full scholarship is huge. But when that scholarship only lasts as long as their eligibility, athletes end up getting stuck paying for school because they cannot graduate in only four years. The term student- athlete means you’re a student first and athlete second, but when it comes to big time athletic schools like Alabama, LSU, ASU and so many more it’s really athlete first and student second. Being able to play a colligate sport is a great opportunity, but getting paid to play a college sport could lead to an even bigger opportunity. The NCAA was founded in 1906 to protect young athletes from the dangerous and exploitive athletic practices at the time. Before the NCAA came along college sports were unorganized and teams were hiring players that allowed them to participate even though they did not attend the school. College sports were a business back then and President Theodore Roosevelt realized this. Roosevelt hosted two separate conferences at the White House to encourage change in college athletics. The first move was to change college football. In December of 1... ... middle of paper ... ... do NCAA executives and coaches make large sums of money off of college athletes, but TV franchises do as well. The NCAA and CBS signed a deal last year that consists of a $10.8 billion television agreement over the next 14 years. (Harnett, Tyson) If you haven’t realized it yet everyone is profiting off these athletes except the athletes themselves. At big time schools, athletics is everything. A big win or a championship far outweighs an academic achievement, most of the time academic achievements aren’t even published to the entire public. The athletic teams are in the spotlight the entire year no matter if it’s bad or good. There are just endless opportunities for colleges, universities, the NCAA, TV, and many more to make money off of college sports, when a college athlete can’t even make a honest living during school because their lives are consumed by sports.

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