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The field of social work is to aid and protect people in society however; the structure of reaching the desired outcome is different based on the situation. Social work is a field that beings together people who have the skills, the compassion, and the desire to help people. Through different agencies and structures form together to create a method of aiding individuals, groups, and communities to benefit those that are in need. The purpose of institutional and residual services is designed to aid the people through different forms. Institutional services are the concrete form of services that is formed by the government whereas the community creates residual services in times of need. The broad field of social work the experience of aiding people is present however; the theory of how to obtain the outcome is different in every circumstance. Social work is a profession that is designed to advocate for the change of the social and the welfare for individual, groups, and communities. Social work comes together to form social welfare, social change, and social justice. With these discip...
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