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Would the world be as advanced as it is today without social media? The clear and most obvious answer is no. Social media has made an unbelievably positive impact in every possible way by taking technology to the next level. It has greatly improved this planet by connecting communities and cultures across the globe through online interaction. And over past several years, people are taking countless advantages from this networking. It has drastically has increased the ease of delivering international news to people as well as raising awareness for social justice problems, giving people information about anything within seconds. This method of online interaction has also made a huge, but positive change in the way people learn in today’s society, especially younger generations. They are able to connect with online teachers and tutorials that help them with their school work as well as teaching them skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Lastly, social media has played a very dominating role in businesses and marketing, helping companies advertise and promote themselves through the world of online interactive networks. It is clearly visible that social media, through various methods, has made a very strong yet positive impact in the way that communities across the globe interact with one another.
Communication is an essential part of the human life when it comes to interacting and developing our society. For centuries humans have tried plenty of methods for communication like sign and body language. And today a new type of communication is developing and that is social media. It is an extremely simple way that has begun to and will continue to bring different cultures and religions around the world closer toge...

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...ole in social media. Businesses are always on a hunt for the simplest and cheapest way to promote their company and their products. Social media has given them a way that is absolutely free and can be done within a minute. According to “Social Media Today” over 90% of small business owners have a facebook or twitter page which they use to both promote and encourage sales for their products. Not only promote their products, businesses are able to find out what their consumers want from them, using social media and receiving various comments and questions from the general public. None the less, business owners are able to find new costumers for their products which also help them encourage their sales. So as clearly seen business owners are able to increase their profit by using social media to reach out towards their consumers which helping stabilize the job economy.
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