SMARTSE 001: The Objectives Of A Promotional Plan

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A promotional plan is when a company uses all different forms of marketing strategies to implement, and analysing the steps to make the product or service a successful launch. Similar to how the company can implement ways to introduce their product into the market and generate sales and profits by the end of the launch.

Promotional planning is a set of the marketing tools, tactics and resources that an organisation plans to use in order to promote their goods and services. A promotional plan is usually a fundamental planning tool used by most businesses that helps contribute towards the successful launch of a new product or service or its expansion into a new market.

This promotional plan covers all the different steps of communicating
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By providing them of the information of this product, showing to Singaporeans the existence of this product. To inform Singaporeans the product functions and the benefits of the SMARTSHOE 001. However, not only introduce the product to them. An objective to instil the shoe in their heads when they think of Winter, or training shoes, or best quality. To create brand awareness, among the elite people of Singapore. In order to do this, the best way to get their attention is through personal selling, through word of mouth, and referral. By marketing this shoe it will thus help to assist these exchanges. However, it does not only stop here, when these exchanges are made and a consumer purchase the shoe. The objective is to ensure that these consumers are satisfied with the product. As satisfaction leads to more exchanges, as satisfied consumers will lead to repeat sales, and satisfied consumers will spread positive reviews with their friends and families. As positive word of mouth will help to generate more sales, and it creates brand…show more content…
To do this, Digitsole will have to assess competitor’s advertisements, and promotional activities. When all the information is accumulated, try not to duplicate the competitors. A more correct approach to decide the financial budget plan is to gather a list of things needed to use to meet the goals for the promotional activities. Envision that cash isn't an issue. At that point imagine or evaluate real rates for the direct marketing, personal selling, print advertisements on magazines, decide every activities’ costs. Then, scaling down the list to a more reasonable cost. Using return on investment formula as a means to help decide the

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