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Many companies ask these questions: What is social media really doing for us? Will it bring in new customers? In many ways social media can add strength and value to your business or organization. Social media is treated like a broadcast platform, which allows information to move faster. Social media marketing is the process of promoting your site or business through social media channels and it is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and massive amount of traffic. When a business is going through budget cuts, there is no other low cost promotional method out there that will give you large numbers of visitors, some of whom may come back to visit your site again. Social media has managed to steal the thunder away from traditional marketing methods. It has become a big part of day to day routines and as indispensable communication tool for people to connect and stay in touch. Customers have used social media presence as one of the integral basis of a company’s legitimacy, reliability and viability. Some businesses today are judged based on their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and customers expect companies to respond to the concerns they have tweeted within the day or within the hour. Marketing strategies today have a mix of social media tactics as integral components for reaching business goals. After determining what are our specific social media objectives and goals and how they complement and support the overall goals of the company. Take time to check out what’s out there, scope the competition and understand your target audience. Develop relationships for potential partnership opportunities in the future. Enhance brand presence across social media platforms, increase traffic to company website. Once you have ... ... middle of paper ..., in terms of file sharing, collaborative editing and knowledge sharing. This is also an effective way of bringing employees together to perform new processes and share experiences. We know now that customers no longer have to think of excuses and come up with a polite no, all they have to do is click the unfollow button. You do not need to use an autoresponder to thank individuals who decide to follow you. Don’t try to cater to everyone by being all things to all people. Companies need to make sure their posts are clear and concise, not emotional or impulsive. It should be carefully constructed and always politically correct. Companies need to know that making the wrong move in social media can cause them to succeed or fail. You will be able to notice your business success as well as the setback, just by reviewing the comments you get in through social media.
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