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2.1. Research Papers and Case Studies • Manish Madan (2012) in his research “Comparison of customer’s perception with regard to Service Quality in Public & Private Insurance Companies using SERQUAL Model”. The objective of research was to find the customer’s expectations &’ perceptions towards the insurance companies regarding the service quality & to compare the customers’ perception with regard to service quality in public and private insurance companies. The 22 statements SERVQUAL model used here for measurement. In the questionnaire, 22 statements were grouped under five dimensions. To ascertain the perceptions of service quality, Likert’s 7 point scale was used for its suitability so that range and variations in the perceptions can be estimated. The Sample size was 100 respondents. It was found that the overall comparison between public and private sector insurance companies identifies the public sector insurance companies to have higher quality perception than the private sector insurance companies. • Dharmesh Motwani (2012) in the study “An empirical study of customer expectation and perception in organized in retail sector” said that in goods industry various parameters are available to judge the satisfaction of customer towards the product, but in the case of service industry only quality of service derives the level of satisfaction and identified the difference between expectation & perception of organized retail sector customers with the help of renowned model of service quality i.e. Parasuraman’s et al (1988) SERVQUAL model. Abraheem & Yaseen (2011) conducted a research on "Service Quality Perspectives and Customer Satisfaction in Commercial Banks Working in India". The aim of this research was to examine the le... ... middle of paper ... ...ality in clothing stores. Retail service quality is furthermore associated with future consumption behaviour in terms of the customers’ intention to visit, purchase and recommend the stores to others. • Parikh (2006) said that “As organized retailing develops in India, retail stores in India will have to improve the quality of their services significantly in order to compete successfully in the global marketplace. It is, therefore very important to know how customers evaluate service quality and what can be done to measure and improve it.” • Azhagan & Nagarajan (2011) analysed that “most of the customers prefer Organized Retail sector because of more Tangibles and Empathy towards its customers”. In order to retain and attract new customers, the organized retail sector should improve customer’s service level and should provide assurance towards its customer.

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