SEIIC Case Study

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SEIIC relies on the knowledge and skills of its employees to be successful. Without its human capital. The company has little to offer its customers. SEIIC has been having trouble in meeting customer service expectations and is experiencing problems with retaining some of its most valuable employees. SEIIC must evaluate training and development, performance and career management to retain employees, and improve customer satisfaction.
Employee training is a crucial need in the workplace. Based on our readings from Cascio, 2015 training is defined as programs that’s created to improve performance at individual, group, and/or organizational levels. When performance is improved; employees’ behaviors and attitudes also
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Design measurements of team effectiveness based on the objectives from step 2, evaluate the effectiveness of the team training, and use this information to guide future team training.
“First, individual skills are a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for effective team performance. Second, managers of effective work groups tend to monitor the performance of their team members regularly, and they provide frequent feedback to them.” (Cascio, 2015, p. 299).
Performance Management
Performance management requires the willingness and commitment to focus on improving performance at the level of the individual or team every day/ “Cascio, 2015, p. 354). Performance appraisals plays a key role in performance management as it is a judgment and feedback process. Cascio, 2015 states that appraisal serve two purposes which are:
• Improve employees work performance by helping them realize their full potential in carrying out their organizations missions.
• Provide information to employees and managers for use in making work-related decisions.
It is important that SEIIC give their team members appraisals to help not only the organization, but the team member as well. To add appraisals, do the
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Management by objectives is one method which is “a well-known process of managing that relies on goal setting to establish objectives for the organization as a whole, for each department, for each manager within each department, and for each employee. MBO is not a measure of employee behavior. Rather, it is a measure of each employee 's contribution to the success of the organization.” (Cascio, 2015, p. 338). Another method to the results-oriented approach is work planning and review. This method differs from MBO method “it places greater emphasis on the periodic review of work plans by both supervisor and subordinate to identify goals attained, problems encountered, and the need for training.” (Cascio, 2015, p. 338). SEIIC has retention issues and as they strive to improve those levels and revamp the organization I would suggest they use the behavior-oriented approach. This would give HRM several methods to use under the appraisal umbrella which could be beneficial in the long run. Therefore, once employee retention has improved, and the company is more appealing in the market, the company could then look at results-oriented
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