S And Erdrich's Stylistic Approaches To Novel Writing

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A Comparison on Welch’s and Erdrich’s Stylistic Approaches to Novel Writing James Welch 's narrative methods employed in Fools Crow engaged two literary forms: novel and play. Though it is technically a novel, it can be read or interpreted as an attempt to emulate a play. I found fascinating the lineal narrative used in the book, which goes from the beginning of the life of the Fools Crow as an emerging figure of his community to the climax and when Fools Crow becomes an eminent individual. In that sense Welch follows a writing that progresses in intensity, thus, chapters in part four and five are shorter but compact. They exhibit more substance in the complexity of the person, Fools Crow. It compares to any Shakespeare 's play. For example,…show more content…
Those chapters were indeed significant to the narrative since allows, which I would call the author 's pursuit, to impose the genre of the novel above of the play. In other words, he does not seek to diminish the categorization of novel as a more powerful and complete device to deliver a story than the play. Still, the play gives the platform to add a performative ambiance to it. Fools Crow can be adapted by a playwright to which Welch would be much grateful for because the book could travel beyond the written words to the performing…show more content…
Somehow, it reads as an interview than a narrative. At least that is what I obtained from the reading. Erdrich individualized each narrator to then make it personal instead of artistic. By personal, I mean letting the narrators speak for themselves individually, without anyone 's interruption and without the confusion of having both together. Further, it creates a space for each of them. Space is the core of this novel, it depends on the acceptance and respect of what one has to say. Last, it allows for the reader to empathize with one of the narrators. Something that I found unique in her book in comparison with the other readings. This novel reads from the reader’s point of view and penetrates the unconscious mind by eliciting forgotten memories. Namely, the author thought about the audience and the lesson they can acquire by spending time in this back and forth

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