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“This whole thing has been a disaster!” a man yelled. “First Abraham gets killed trying to get to the dang planet and now Adam has joined them in destroying the cities!” “Calm down Moses,” a girl said. “He did the job that his false memories made him, it’s not his fault that the program didn't wear off.” “Eve, we can’t just sit here any longer. Our people are waiting for us. With the cities gone, there’s no way we can take them all back. It’s time to cut our losses and go home,” Moses said. “We are not leaving without Adam,” another girl said. “Thank you, Ruth. My thoughts exactly,” Eve said. “Well then we need to go get him, now,” Moses said. “It wouldn't be safe for us. They've just started a war with the original inhabitants of the planet,” Ruth said. “They can’t hurt us. If it makes you feel better, we can just go end this war right now,” Moses said. “Let me go visit him by myself, first,” Eve said. “See if I can help him remember.” “Fine, make it quick,” Moses said. “Although, I do not believe we should leave Adam, Moses is correct. Our people await, and we must move quickly,” Ruth said. “Be back soon,” Eve said. It has been three months since the fall of the Ancient cities. With the combined efforts of the Empire, the villages, and the Rysk, an armada was quickly brought into commission. The Emperor revealed all the secrets of Tech and under the leadership of both Doc’s they rebuilt quickly. So many new tools and weapons. They could mass produce dragonflies now. The were able to use the parts of the fallen Ancient cities to rebuild three more fully functional ones. They found that integrating Essence 2.0 into all of their systems was very simple. That way, if a dragonfly pilot crashed landed, he would still... ... middle of paper ... ... is Myna. We are from the United Empire,” Cid said. The United Empire was the agreed upon name of the alliance between the Rysk, the Empire, and the Villages. Separately, they retained their identities but together they were the United Empire. This whole experience hit Izzy like a ton of bricks. He had seen humans before, they used to be abundant and peaceful but they had disappeared about a year earlier. Izzy remembered the destruction of his home, suddenly, lost in the fear and confusion of his current situation. “What happened to Zoom nation? I saw flying ships attack it. Are you with the flying ships?” Izzy asked. “I don’t know where Zoom nation is but yes, we are with the flying ships,” Cid said. Izzy started to sob. “Why? Why have you attacked us?” he asked through his tears. Myna didn’t buy it but Cid was very startled by how this creature was acting.

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