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Ryder Systems, Inc., a leader in transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions, is a Fortune 500 company based in Miami, FL. Since its founding 80 years ago, Ryder has continued to expand its presence throughout the world. Ryder now operates in North America, Europe and Asia. Today, Ryder’s main offerings include Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) and Supply Chain Solutions (SCS). Fleet Management Solutions provides customers with Full Service Lease, Managed Maintenance, Commercial Rentals and Used Vehicle Sales. Their Supply Chain Solutions business segment offers solutions by industry and by capability. Specialized industry offerings are designed for retail, consumer packaged goods, high-tech and electronics, and the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries. The SCS segment also offers customers integrated logistics, and warehousing, distribution, and transportation solutions. Specialized solutions for the oil and gas industry have been available from Ryder since 2013. Both the FMS and SCS segments offer customers a low cost alternative for their transportation and supply chain needs allowing the customer to focus on production.
According to its company website, Jim Ryder founded Ryder in 1933 when he bought a Model A Ford truck with a $35 down payment to haul concrete. In 1938, with a fleet of 20 trucks, Ryder entered into the leasing industry. By 1949, Ryder had increased its fleet of trucks to 500. Ryder not only established captive shops for its Full Service Leasing customers, but also expanded its focus by establishing Ryder Preventive Maintenance. Ryder Systems, Inc. went public in 1955, with an initial stock offering of 160,000 shares of common stock sold at $10 per share. By the close of the ...

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...$257 million with assets of $9.1 billion for fiscal year 2013. Of their revenue, 84% comes from the U. S., 7% Canada, 6% Europe, 3% Mexico with less than 1% coming from Asia. The FMS segment has more than 13,500 full service lease and contract maintenance customers and 37,500 commercial rental customers. In the U. S., Canada, Germany and U. K. combined they have 800 locations. Their FMS customers include Coca Cola, Dunkin Donuts, Royal Mail, AirGas, NAPA, Anderson Windows, Mohawk Industries and International Paper. The SCS segment operates more than 35 million square feet of warehouse space and more than 10,000 border crossings monthly. The SCS segment’s has over 670 customers including CVS, Toyota, General Motors, Boeing, Whirlpool and Cisco. Ryder Systems, Inc. stocks have paid dividends for 151 straight quarters. Current dividends are $0.34 per share. (Company)
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