Ryan Seacrest

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Media Personality: Ryan Seacrest

When you think of famous hosts of TV shows and popular names in the media what names come to mind? Names like Alex Trebek, Bob Barker and Pat SaJac probably ring a bell and jump right out at you. Many TV show hosts have gained the respect and admiration of their audiences over the years by giving the viewers someone they feel good about, someone they can tune into everyday and trust and really feel like you get to know that person on a personal level. This is probably a good quality in what makes TV hosts widely known. At the turn of the millennium one thing is definite, television is changing. Although popular game shows such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and the famous Price is Right are still going strong today and watched by millions, it is apparent that a new form of TV has been taking over programming over the last couple of years. Reality TV is becoming widely popular and is growing especially among the younger crowd. Reality TV is giving a younger crowd a more hip and fun approach to forms of entertainment and as TV is changing so are the breed of TV hosts.

Just as Alex Trebek and many other famous TV show hosts one of the most recognizable faces today in television entertainment is entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is the host of the number 1 Annual top-rated show in America for the last two years, American Idol. Ryan is a very versatile host in that he has a lot of experience in both radio and television. His work in television and his impressive broadcasting reputation over the last couple of years has launched Seacrest's career to a new level and has increased his celebrity status greatly.

Since Ryan was just a kid he knew he wanted to be DJ. He looked up to people like Casey Kasum and Dick Clark and loved radio. Ryan got his start in radio when he began his broadcasting career at 16 while he was still in high school for a small Atlanta radio station. He became one of Atlanta's youngest DJs with high ratings. He also did the announcements for his high school.

After he graduated high school he went to the University of Georgia for Journalism. It was at college where he landed his first job hosting a show on ESPN called "Radical Outdoor Challenge" where athletes would compete against one another for cash prizes.
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