Russian Leaders

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Russian Leaders When you are talking about the Soviet people and say that they are non-political people who don't believe in ideology you need to examine it more. From the time the Soviet Society evolved into the communist society that they were until they lost the stigma of being a communist society these statements were by and large true. After they lost their communist traits everything changed. The Soviets were the first big country to be led by a dictatorship or have a communist society. To start with the country was so large and very poor. These two things coupled with the fact that the country was very behind the times and some times thought in a backwards way led to the acceptance of the communist idea. When people are poor and have things bad the thinking is that it cannot be any worse and at that point they can be brainwashed. This is where the leaders came into play. They saw the people in general as being weak and in a vulnerable situation. The communist society in the Soviet Union really started to steamroll in and during the Bolshevik Revolution. At this time the Bolsheviks overthrew the last of the royalty families. When the Romanov family was overthrown this was the launching of the communism in Russia. The general population was frustrated with the poor prioritization of the families. Spending money and sources in obscure places and on obscure items was really the final straw. This is where Lenin stepped in and took advantage of the people while they were in a great time of need. What the Bolshevik revolution started Lenin took to the real level of communism. Lenin laid the foundation for what turned out to be 70+ years of communism in Russia. Following Lenin others took the communism to new higher and greater levels. The two that stand out the most would have to be Stalin and Khrushchev. These two did everything from being vicious to people to trying to take over the world to even challenging the mighty United States. The fact that the country was so poor is the main culprit for why the country fell to the dictators. The reasons for being poor can mostly be laid at the feet of the royal families in Russia.
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