Russia sovereignty

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international problems The end of the World War II has been a subject of study for political scientists to study the international relations between states. This study has been dominated by theoretical perspectives or contending theories of international relations disciplines. One of these theories happens to be Realism theory. The theory of realism states that that the principal actors in the international relations which happens to be states are concerned with the security of their states. In order to maintain their self- interest, states uses soft (diplomacy, culture, trade,) and hard power (military and economic) to influence the behavior of other states . This act of self-interest often leads states to be responsible for their own survival and to their own definition for power which leads to security dilemma. As John Herz explains in his book ,"Idealist Internationalism and the Security Dilemma," that security dilemma often lead groups or individuals who live alongside each other without being organized into a higher unity to concerned about their security from being attacked, subjected, dominated or annihilated by other groups and individuals. To attain security, states are driven to acquire more power which lead other states to respond with similar measures producing increased threat that creates conflicts . This paper will highlight that the reason behind Ukrainian revolution happens to be the need for a democratic governance where everyone has the rights to their resources. Following that, the paper will also point out the referendum in Crimea and forceful control by Russian government happens to be the threat Russian government felt for their national security with the election of new pro-western governmen... ... middle of paper ... ...order to determine whether the continuation of the dispute or situation is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security. Other Security Council members of the UN organizations has failed at the moment to prevent Russia, United Nations still can exert influence on Russia through the Geneva conventions of International human rights courts . Since Ukraine and Russia are both members of the Council of Europe which has parliamentary assembly and a very active human rights court. European Council can try to stop Russia's behavior by excluding them from being part of the European council, excluding them from being part of G8 members. Although, International Organizations IOs like the United Nations are unable to prevent the aggressive behavior of Russia- IOs are needed for the maintenance of global peace and security.
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