Russia: Country Study and Important Events

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Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian Federation has struggled to re-establish itself within the global arena as an economic, political, and social superpower. Despite President Vladimir Putin’s advances in boosting Russia’s economy, military power, and global influence, they still face difficulties in regaining a foothold. Throughout this country study, you will find examples of the current events as well as Russia’s significance to the U.S. and their possible second and third order effects they may have on the future stability and outlook of Russia.
In July 2013, the Chechen separatist movement leader Dokku Umarov called upon all Muslim separatists to attack the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Since this direct and open threat, Russian security forces have significantly increased their security operations within the entire Caucasus region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Two major attacks that have heightened the fears of Olympic organizers took place in the southern city of Volgograd, 400 miles from Sochi. Both incidents were suicide attacks claiming the lives of over 30 people. Since the attacks, Russian security forces have been actively targeting and executing all possible militants that could pose a threat to the Olympics. In addition to the increased operations, approximately 5,500 new surveillance cameras have been installed, 40,000 police officers and troops will patrol the area while drones, fighter jets, and two Naval ships deployed to the Black Sea help provide security for the masses. Although the indiscriminate elimination of hostile forces will ensure the current situation within the region remains stable, long term effects will likely cause a significant kickback and strengthen the...

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...g increased weapon and equipment purchases. They will have better capabilities to conduct research and development for various weapons systems including the advancement of nuclear technology. These advancements and acquisitions will not only allow Russia to deter the West but to fully re-establish themselves as the most formidable force in the world as seen with the former Soviet Union.
In closing, Russia has made numerous advances politically, socially, and economically in order to reassert itself as an independent state and world power as seen with the Soviet Union. This is evident by the current measures being taken by Russia, both internal and external. With Russia’s steady growth they will most likely continue to make a global impact until they are the premier nation in the world and can successfully and continuously deter and inhibit U.S. policies and goals.

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