Russell Compton Case Study

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Ms. Compton was born in Cottonport, Louisiana; at the age of three, she and her family moved to Palms Springs, California. Ms. Compton reported growing up in Houston, Texas. She considers her family’s socioeconomic level to have been middle working class. Her parents are Lucille Perkins and Russell Compton. Ms. Compton described her father as loving and caring. Russell Compton’s educational background was some college and he was a Vietnam Veteran. Ms. Compton loved that her father was accepting and loving. The one thing she would change about her father was for him to have been more active during her childhood. Ms. Compton reported speaking with her father a few times a week and sees him quite often. Ms. Compton reported that she and her mother have always been close. She reported her mother is like her best friend. She described her mother as outgoing, loving, strong and ambitious. Ms. Compton stated that her mother’s education background was some college and she worked as a cosmetologist. Ms. Compton described her mother as structured, focused and goal oriented. Ms. Compton would not change anything about her mother. Ms. Compton speaks and sees her mother daily. She reported that her mother visits her home daily to assist with Comelia.…show more content…
Compton described her parents as a loving and hardworking couple. She could not remember much about her parents’ marriage. In 1976, her parents divorced. Ms. Compton reported not knowing the reason for the divorce and she remained with her mother after the divorce. She reported that although her parents divorced, she was able to have weekend visits with her father. Ms. Compton reported being fine after her parents’ divorce because she continued to have a relationship with both parents. She reported that her mother currently resides in Missouri City, Texas and her father resides in Houston,

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