Running Influences of the World

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Whether it be running down that path to finish the race or through the woods or even chasing down the prey, running is a simple activity which influences many aspects of society today. Some people ran for their survival but nowadays people run for more recreational purposes. For example, in the culture aspect, people for generations passed down stories of the evolution of humans to do with running and research of how that came to be. Also in the area of fitness, running shows a positive correlation to health. Finally in the media, running served as a great influence for two people. Running positively influences society in three major areas such as lifestyle, fitness, and media.
First of all, evolution of the human race is emphasized because of the importance of running which now allows society to continue the lifestyle it has today. Running has been defined as “to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk and in such a manner that for an instant in each step all or both feet are off the ground.” (“Running”). As running has always been an important part in culture, especially those who were not able to rely on technology for everything and had to be self sufficient. Running had astronomical impact on their lives changing whether they would live and eat or they would not catch food for their families and starve. In the Native American lifestyle, the tribesmen “would run anywhere from fifteen to seventy-five miles a day on the hunt” ( For the Native American people, the amount of running was worth it because they ran to hunt and eat. However the origin of the nomadic lifestyle begins earlier. The evolution of the human as a species has also influenced the lifestyle of modern society. ...

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