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On your mark, get set, run. For centuries man has been running competitively. The sport has been around as long as any other, and has evolved over time. Since the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. running has been the center of major competitions (“Ancient Olympic Games”). From the Olympics to high school track meets, from trails to treadmills, and from a mile to 26.2 miles, running is a part of competition everywhere. The benefits of running are endless, and continue to prove that those who run are in the best state of health. Running has evolved in many variations, and each variation remains one of the best ways to remain in optimum health.
Running competitively dates back to Ancient Greece. The first Olympic games were located at Olympia, which was originally created as a place of worship (“Ancient Olympic Games”). Different from today, religion played a large role in the games. At its center, Olympia housed Zeus’s Temple. Ceremonies were held for both Zeus and Pelops, the founder of the games (“Ancient Olympic Games”). The Olympic games have now evolved and strayed from the original ties to religion. However, the events themselves are still linked to these first games. Running was the center of these games, as it is now of today’s Summer Olympics. The original games included a stade race, which is equivalent to today’s 200 meter race. Another race dating back to Olympia is the Diaulos, the equivalent of a 400 meter race (“Ancient Olympic Games”). While the Olympic Games have evolved, running competitively, and some specific events can be traced back to the original games.
Since those first games, the Olympics have grown immensely. The first games were just one day of competition (“Ancient Olympic Games”). Now the Summer ...

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...sue. These many variations and the benefits of competitive running bring new meaning to the saying “run for your life”.

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