Rumors Destroyed a Teenager and his Family

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When we talk about rumors and half-truths we talk about hurt people, broken hearts, lost friends, destroyed relationships …In fact one lie is able enough to ruin a whole life. However, the effect of the tale bearing and rumors takes various ranges and leads to different consequences like in Matt Donaghy’s situation, a 15 years old student at rocky river high school ,was accused of planning a bomb threat to kill everyone in the school , slander caused for him a lot of inconveniences from the investigation and suspension, being betrayed and disappointed of his friends who couldn’t be counted on, who didn’t try to get in touch with him to console him and who seemed for me to be believing that Matt could be involved in such a terrorist act “bombing the school”, he started to feel solitude often besides the pressure of his parents to avoid distorting the family name and their reputation, ending with his father suing the school with an enormous amount of money as an indemnity(compensation) for what had happened to Matt until he tried to commit suicide, thanks to Ursula( who has a very exceptional character, not very active socially , different from the other girls, one of the best athletes in the school) who could stop him at the last minute, and who the rescuer of him, in fact Ursula testified for him, Matt’s experiment made him perceive and discover his real friends, and made him conscious, his story is very probable to occur in the reality. Though, the reality has more complicated, fateful, crucial and deeper situations where slander and rumors can lead to sallow, agonizing and grievous ends for some people as it happened and still happening in a place where human rights is an indefinite and enigmatic term, some minorities were ...

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...d to acquittal of the four brothers because of the questioning of people who used to be in the location like stores owners, dwellers in the street… those who could survive, no one of them could recognize the pictures of the four brothers, no one saw them before, in addition to the lab inspection and analysis gave no finger prints, DNA samples or any sign refer to any of the brothers. So finally they were released after suffering for weeks in custody, but it was too late and no cares anyway, if someone could see them when they were released, tears would fall down without permission … so it started as tale bearing until it shaped a rumor and then injured four persons, exhausted their powers, destroyed a lot of their chances and a massive part of their life, one of them lost his wife they had then many psychological problems, physical harms, after all of what happened

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