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rum is prepared fromcane juice and it is a distillation of alcoholic beverage made by a process of fermentation &distillation fruit ,beet root,or molasses rum standared of rum vary from country to country few are consider dark and few strong and heavy light white other than the quantity of conegess,more which gives the final produce aharsh taste white rum has got very low congeners white rum comes in crystal clear colour popular white rum are
Bacardi ,gold Bacardi ,Bacardi
Few popular name of rum are :-
3-old monk
4-sikkim rum
5-lord nasal
6-Mc donaldes
7-red bull
There are six grape of rum

Heavy—it is collected from the distillate there is presence of high congerenes because of which it is dark in colour its abv is 90%

Light –it is prepared by patent still method this distilled version of rum has got 92%of abv where as the alcoholic content distilled water
Goldrum—it is normally obtained by prolong ageing of white rum in oak barrels

Darkrum—this rum has got full body and consider a very rich quality as per its flavor and aroma its is caramel dominated rum and is produced by pot still method
Spiced rum—spiced rum can be white or golden colour &it normally mixed with whole spices pre dominantly with cloves &cinnamon
Age date rum—This rum is aged for minimum 10year & blended type of rum
Based on their distillation method
1—Pot still rums first arrived int Caribbean islands many brought with them knowledge and experiences in brandy making .pot still consist of three parts kettle where the liquid is bolided condenser which cools down the vapors coming from the kettle and the gooseneck which connect the kettle to the condenser. The liquid obtained from this ...

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...glasslemon slice –most popular with cola
3— cocktail –blended,shaken or stirred

Facts about rum
Rum and its fraternal twin cane spirit are made by distilling fermented sugar and water this sugar comes from the sugar cane and is fermented from cane juice concentrated cane juice or molasses .molasses is the sweet sticky residue that remains after sugar cane juice is boiled and the crystallized sugar is extracted .Most of rum is made by molasses is over 50% sugar but it also contain significant amount of mineral and other trace element which can contribute to final flavor .Rum made from cane juice primarily on Haiti and Martinique have a naturally smooth palate .Depending ont recipe the wash is fermented using either cultured yeast or airborne wild yeast for a period ranging from 24 hours for light rums up to several weeks for heavy full varieties

Rum regions
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