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Rudy reached his long term goal of playing football at Notre Dame by practicing a lot of football. He worked voluntarily as a custodian in Notre Dame to get used to the field where the football players played on. He also got good grades in High Cross- A’s and B’s- and soon because of his hard work and good grades Notre Dame accepted him into their school. He tried out for the football team in Notre Dame and did a very good job at it since he had been practicing form before in his spare times when he wasn’t praying or doing his homework or helping. They accepted him onto the team but he was only in the prep team and he didn’t move much from there. Despite this, he still came to practice every day for two whole years until he quit because he didn’t make it on the dress list. He was then given an inspirational speech by someone he worked with when he was volunteering at Notre Dame as a custodian and Rudy then decided to go back to the team even though it was his senior year and if he didn’t get put in that game he would never had gotten to prove to his family that he was actually on the football team. Everybody got inspired by his acts and chanted his name when he came running back. …show more content…

For instance, Rudy’s goal was to play football at Notre Dame. He focused on it and he practiced football every day and watched every single Notre Dame football there was. He even succeeded in a part he didn’t usually succeed in. Grades. Goal setting, to me, is a bit like planning. For instance, you plan what you’re going to be doing for that day, so basically you are setting a goal for that day. It helps you organize and it helps you not waste your time and it also helps your mindset become positive because you know that you’ve got something to reach and that you’re not in the world for no reason, you have a

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  • Describes how rudy reached his long-term goal of playing football at notre dame by practicing a lot of football.
  • Explains that goal setting strengthens and improves self-esteem because it helps you focus on that area and that will improve it and help you for when it is needed.
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