Rubin Hurricane Carter: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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Rubin Hurricane Carter: Guilty Until Proven Innocent '"I don't belong here and I am not going to play their game.' 'If I were to cooperate in all these things, it would be as if I were saying, 'I'm a guilty man, and I am not a guilty man"' (New Jersey). The case of Rubin (Hurricane) Carter has been a heated issue for the last 34 years. In the last year a new movie, The Hurricane, starring Denzel Washington has once again brought this case to the foreground of discussion. The question argued has been is Rubin Carter innocent or guilty of the murders he allegedly committed on June 17, 1966 in the Lafayette Grill in Paterson, New Jersey. The proof is undeniable that Carter is innocent. He had an unfair trial where the police played a negative part, the prosecution suppressed information, and the court also worked against Carter. Although Rubin Carter is innocent of the crimes committed that fateful night in Paterson does not mean he was an angel. The biggest threat to Rubin's defense in this case was himself. Rubin Carter was born May 6, 1937 in Delawana, New Jersey. He grew up in the nearby town of Paterson (J.K.B. 7). Rubin was a strong-willed boy who learned to stand up to everyone as a child. James S. Hirsch, the author of Hurricane: The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter wrote, "the men in his family are not intimidated by threats" (60). In chapter 5 of his book, Hirsch explains how Rubin Carter learned to stand up against authority. Born with a stutter, he would fight anyone who dared to make fun of his speech-impediment. Carter once beat up his younger sister Rosalie's teacher when he saw him chasing her. He was expelled from school and beaten by his father. It was displays like this that caused Carter's father fear... ... middle of paper ... ...'Deal' for Freedom in Murder Case." New York Times [New York] 4, Dec. 1975: 45:2. "Carter Lawyers Focus of Dispute." New York Times [New York] 29, Jan. 1975: 39:1. Hirsch, James S. Hurricane: The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter. Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2000. J.K.B. "Carter, Rubin." Current Biography May 2000: 6-14. "Lawyers for Carter Say Judge Erred on Appeal." New York Times [New York] 28, Jan. 1975: 54:7. Massaquoi, Hans J. "Hurricane Carter: I Was Framed For Murder!" Ebony Dec. 1974: 30: 174-6+. "New Jersey Journal." New York Times [New York] 5, Feb. 1984: XI 3:1. "Police Record Backs Carter's Story." New York Times [New York] 23, Oct. 1975: 83:4. "Reversal is Won By Rubin Carter In Murder Case." New York Times [New York] 8, Nov. 1985: "Same Judge Gets Carter's Appeal." New York Times [New York] 31, Jan. 1975: 37:8.

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