Rough Draft Reflection Essay

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Reflection I changed a lot of things from the rough draft to this. In the beginning, I only had about two pages. Most of this was because I didn’t have all my main points organized. I had to go back into the Language Arts book to develop more ideas and analyze why different parts of his letter were rhetorically effective. I had to change this because it clearly wasn’t five pages. Past length of the essay, I had to look deeper into how his viewpoints and strategies were linked between the clergymen and all people. I had to change this because my rhetorical analysis was more of a rhetorical summary. Another thing I changed between drafts was the organization of the paragraphs I had. In high school when I would write rhetorical analysis essays it …show more content…

What I still think I need to work on is finding more examples and analyzing text faster and more effectively. As far as time management goes, I am pretty good. Completely kidding. Well, I suppose if you count the essay being pretty well polished off and on time a success then that happened. However, I didn’t spend enough time on the rough draft and it made the second draft a stretch to complete. I have very bad procrastination habits and with more lengthy essays, I believe I would fall into a bad trap of not having enough time with current habits. To improve on this more I think I need to improve this essay by having more variety in the topics of each paragraph. Not only ethos or pathos, but each quote was derived and explained in pretty much the same fashion. I’m not sure if this is bad, but it almost seems like I took a more step by step approach at this essay because I had a layout from high school that I followed over onto this essay. I believe this essay went quite well because I went a lot deeper into examining the audience and what they would feel from each strategy used. When examining the prompt it felt easy to examine the text because of what I had done in high school and I am hoping that this is not

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