Rose Weasley

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1. Rose didn’t cry at her brother’s funeral and hasn’t cried since. She is too angry with the Ministry, at her brother for dying and just angry at the world in general. Instead she just wears black as a sign of respect and as I subtle way of showing that she does miss Hugo and that his death truly hurts her.
2. Since there were always a lot of Weasleys and Potters at school, she mostly hung out with them. She never bothered making any other friends, because she basically didn’t need them. As the war commenced, however, she felt more alone than ever, because most of her family decided to join the draft. She had different views than most of them right away, which caused a lot of tension in the family.
3. Rose is a great dueler. Having a dad who’s an auror has its perks and both her father and mother always encouraged her to learn how to defend herself. This is one of the reasons no one ever wanted to mess wit her. If she would threaten someone, they knew she would go through it. She wasn’t cruel with anyone, but didn’t let them go down easy either.
The sun was beginning...
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