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567 words

In the public eye, Rosa Parks is remembered as a woman who brought about civil rights. That change has affected the lives of thousands of people, and some individuals consider her to be “the mother of the civil rights movement”. Rosa Louise McCauley popularly known as Rosa Parks is an African American, born on 4th February, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. Parks’ act of bravery makes her well known during her era and today’s modern generation. The act of standing up and defending her human rights has made Rosa Parks a prominent and inspiring figure in this twentieth first century and helped to incite the foundation of the modern Civil Rights Movement.

On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks, a seamstress and a National Association for the Advancement …show more content…

Unlike the racial discrimination that went on during Mrs. Parks’ period, my generation faces different types of discrimination such as the prejudicing and bullying of homosexual or transgender individuals. Thus in my daily life, I apply the method of curiosity, mindfulness and attention, and open-minded skepticism.

However, using the methods of mindfulness and attention enables a good critical thinker to acknowledge what’s going on in his or her surroundings and I analyze how prejudicing and bullying behaviors against people’s sexual preference will affect the upcoming generation as time evolves. Moreover, in my daily life if I ever encounter the act of discrimination related to the kind Rosa Parks faced, I will utilize similar strategies she used to overcome such incident.

All things considered, Rosa Parks action based on how she reacted towards the situation she was confronted with proved a good quality of a critical thinker. Rosa Parks displayed a worthwhile characteristic trait of well-mannered critical thinkers based on the fact that her behavior changed a whole nation not just an

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that rosa parks is remembered as a woman who brought about civil rights and helped incite the modern civil rights movement.
  • Narrates how rosa parks, a seamstress, took an aisle seat in the “colored” section of the montgomery bus, which was the last seat behind the white people. as the bus got crowded, the operator instructed them to get up from the seats.
  • Explains that rosa parks refused to give her seat and was detained and sentenced for defiling the segregation law, known as "the jim crow law."
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