Rosa Daci's Life And The Journey Of Rosa Cianci

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Around 70 years ago, Rosa Cianci was born and raised in Potenza, Italy. Rosa grew up on a little farm in the rural part of town. Her family owned that exact piece of land for many decades. Her family was financially limited and did not have the resources to fund luxurious clothing, gourmet meals or an outstanding education. Her parents would do anything to support their children. Both parents worked the land, took care of the animals that they raised and grew all the fruits and vegetables needed to feed their family. Rosa and her family later took a great leap of faith and immigrated to the province of Quebec, in Canada. They believed by coming here, they would be able to better their lives and flee poverty. Surrounded by her loving and caring…show more content…
Through out this journey she has accomplished and achieved many of her wildest dreams. She is very proud of all of these achievements. Her biggest accomplishment is her family. She considers her family as a masterpiece. All of her children and grandchildren have grown up to be responsible, caring and intelligent people. She hopes that her family will always be healthy and happy. She also wishes that her family will stay close to one and other even after she will be departed. She hopes people will remember her as a woman who loved everyone and put their needs in front of their own. She wishes that she will be recalled as a great wife, mother and grandmother. Rosa could not even imagine this being her future and if she could give a piece of advice to her younger self she would say to enjoy all the little things in life because they don 't last forever. Every single moment is precious and at any second it can all be taken away from you, this is why you must appreciate your life. She would also recommend to live to the fullest and love as much as you can because memories never die, although people do. Rosa 's life has gone through many twists and turns. She has learned that you must accept all the bad and the good that may happen to you and you must live life day to day with a big smile. Sadly, Rosa doesn 't know what the future holds but she knows she will be more than just fine with her family and friends by her

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