Root Of Happiness

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Many wonder what is happiness? Also, they question what they must do to attain it. There are many different books discussing ways how individuals can find happiness. Gladness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive emotions. The root of happiness can result in many different things. One, the root of happiness can result in better health, better thinking ability, and the delight in doing what is right. Another, is the result of contentment with the way of life can root from trying their upmost to succeed, showing love towards others, and self-meditation. Similar to the ones mentioned previously, justification of being a cheerful person leads to the repercussions of inspiring others to make a difference in society. The…show more content…
One, repercussion of happiness is the delight in doing what is right. When individuals delight in doing what is right they succeed in life. When individuals do this they get a sense of assurence that they did something right. Another outcome, is better health and well-being. Happiness can result in the improvement of the physical, mental, and social aspect of life. Dealing with the physical aspect happiness can lead to more working out and eating healthier. The more individuals work out they are they have a lesser chance of get sick. On the social aspect, happiness can result in drawing positive individuals and repel the negative ones. This leads to a positive future in life. This also results in being able to make a difference in others lives. They do what they can to see that others get the needed help that is needed .The mental aspect, happiness counteracts negative emotions. This can give the feeling of worth, and keeps the stress levels down. The mental, emotional, and physical aspect relate to each other in the well being of health. Similarly to better health, and delight in doing what is right, another effect of happiness is improvement of thinking ability. Pleasure can cause the mind to produce curiosity and wonder. This leads to focusing their attention to think, “Outside the box”, When individuals are upset this lessens their thinking ability. This can result to the mind to “brain fart”. When a brain…show more content…
For example, the source when an inspirational person gives a speech in a raptorial tone, results in the listeners encouraging him to do an encore. From his encore, he repeats the speech, and now a person that did not hear the speech the first time got a chance to listen to it. The speaker did not expect to inspire others from his speech. So the product of the individual hearing the speech he goes up to the speaker, and ask some questions. The outcome, of him asking questions was that he was inspired to write a book on how he was inspired by the speech, and how there was happiness fount in life. From him writing the book the aftermath was he received a chance to go and speak to others. When he went to speak to others the payoff was he spoke to someone that was going through a hard time. This individual going through a hardship was depressed. After listening to the man the result from the individual he did all he can to find happiness. From the search of happiness he became happy in life. Generally speaking the foundation of gaiety can have a culmination of inspiring
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