Root Cause Analysis In Project Management

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1. Understand the situation - identify the key symptoms.
In business there are many re-occurring problems all the time as project managers. I will not focus on one single problem and how to fix one problem, I’m proposing to use Root Cause Analysis (RCA) as a project manager’s normal practice in identifying what, how and why something happened, preventing recurrence, the bottom line cause or causes that is creating the problem for project managers.
We will look at the healthcare sector RCA is used in everyday business. RCA is used to find out the causing patients symptoms and why they are feeling the way they are. By using Six Sigma models to help eliminate waste, pinpoint causes, reduce defects, organize in a logical order, and help identify effective solutions for the problem, ultimately saving companies money. Because of time and finances constraints, a project manager only deal with the top level management about
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Identify the problems from the symptoms.
By determining the problem(s) from the symptoms given its definition of RCA in itself. There are different factors that could be used to pinpoint the cause of the problem(s). The Root Cause Analysis has 5 whys that would be a good tool to use in determining the problem by using the symptoms. Some sort of standardized RCA model may be able to be used by project managers.

3. Write managerial decision statement and corresponding research objectives.
RCA can be used and implemented into a solving model that can be used by project managers that is similar to Six Sigma? Project managers can use a standardized RCA model with a checklist of factors that can be used to figure out what the root cause of a problem is? The research objective is to determine if project managers would use a RCA model to help solve problems and give solutions. Not all project managers use Six Sigma programs, the research should be determined the percentage of project managers who would use RCA.

4. Determine the unit of
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