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As history textbooks are revised, Theodore Roosevelt should stay in due to his importance. Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858 in Manhattan, New York. He raised the power of government to help public conflicts such as laboring and businesses. Also, he helped the world become more aware and active in politics of the world. A well-known philanthropist was Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. Martha Bulloch grew up in a family that owned a plantation with slaves as the workforce. As a boy, Theodore Roosevelt was in low health, so he was taught by private tutors. Since he was a boy, he has expressed curiosity in intellectuality greatly. In 1880, he entered the Phi Beta Kappa at Harvard College. His next goal was Columbia Law School, but that goal soon changed into politics and writing. He had a daughter named Alice after he married Alice Hathaway Lee, in 1880. He married a second wife after his first wife died. The second wife's name is Edith Kermit Carow and she was married to Roosevelt in 1886. Since then, he has lived in Long Island. Weak vision and strong asthma has affected him since he was a child. However, he has strived to be both an outdoorsman and a politician. At 23, he was elected to the New York State Assembly and made sure he, as a Republican, disapproved of machine politics with corruption. His wife and his mother had died within one day which caused quite some grief for Roosevelt. As he became more increasingly concerned about the West's environment, he spent two years away from politics and on his cattle ranch. Later, President McKinley selected Roosevelt for the role of assistant secretary of the navy. He then led a group of people named the "Rough Riders" up Kettle Hill, in the Battle of Santiago in the Spanish-Amer...

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...tbooks is him contracting the US to build the Panama Canal.

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