Ronald Reagan's History: The Resurgence Of Conservatism

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Ch. 40, 41 & 42 From 'The Resurgence of Conservatism” (Ch. 40) 1. What were the concerns of New Rights activists? 2. Describe the election of Ronald Reagan. The democrats were having a rough time because Carter’s image was brought down by the massive inflation and bungling foreign affairs. The other option was Edward Kennedy, but his image was also hurt because of the "Chappaquiddick incident," in which he drank and then drove his car off of a bridge, killing his passenger and delayed reporting the incident. Reagan was grandfatherly, photogenic, attractive and his values were from the pre-60s generation. Overall, he believed that government wasn’t there to fix the problem, but was the problem and thus he would cut government spending. He won easily, even if it was mainly because of ABC votes. 3. Describe Reagan's background: Before his presidency, Reagan was an actor as well as the governor of California. He was the oldest president to be elected. 4. Who challenged Carter in the Democratic primaries? Ted Kennedy 5. What attacks did Reagan make on Carter? 6. 1980 Election Results: Reagan won 489 to 49 7. What was the Reagan Revolution? (policies, etc) Reagan created a cabinet of “the best and the brightest” in order to shrink the government and minimize federal spending. He believed that the government didn’t fix problems but rather was the problem. He moved away from “welfare state” and government “entitlement” programs and proposed budget cuts totalling in about 35 billion, which passed. 8. Describe Reagan's budget and economic ideas: Reagan made tax cuts of about 25%, "supply-side economics" which encouraged and supported businesses (Reaganomics). Unemployment went up about 11%. 9. How did Reagan renew the Cold... ... middle of paper ... ...t Revolution': 1990s, 50% workers were women women in universities women still frustrated because of lower wages women voted more democratic favored gov’t supporting: health care child care education job equality abortion rights 4. How have the following changed in America or are affecting America?: Families: hurt, 50% of marriages become divorces, 3x more people living alone, single parenthood is the #1 reason for our poverty Aging: life expectancy: 77, 1/8 of the year 2000 lived to be 65, health care increased that but also increased debt Immigration: 1 million per year, mostly from Asia and Latin America - came in search of better lives, Latinos made up nearly 1/3 of the population in CA, AZ, and TX, and 40% in NM Minorities: Latinos became largest minority, Hispanic mayors in Miami, Denver, and San Antonio, Asian Americans numbers were also growing (12 million)

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