Ronald Reagan Nomination Speech Essay

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1754 words

9- Between The 1970s and the 2000s conservatives expressed support for placing limitations on government When Ronald Reagan first was nominated for president in the early 1980s he was playing with the conservatives card. He believed that some of the past presidents that served before him may of abused the power of the government. America was founded as a nation of the people, not the government. In Ronald Reagans Nomination speech he vows to use the government as to help the people of the United States but only to get started then he would let us help the country as a whole. He mentions during his speech that he recognizes that “Our federal government is overgrown and overweight,” and that “It is time our government should go on a diet.” (Reagan) …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how ronald reagan was playing with the conservatives card when he was nominated for president in the early 1980s.
  • Analyzes how george gilder's paper, wealth and poverty, shows how the government is treating the lower class is hurting the economy.
  • Explains that american leaders claimed it was imperative to intervene in vietnam to bolster the nation’s interest.
  • Analyzes how dwight eisenhower tries to scare the general public into support for the war. he brings up the idea of dominos and how this could relate to communism.
  • Narrates how the portland evening express published two stories about the student protests at the university of maine in portland.
  • Analyzes how the portland evening news writer believes that since the protests began getting violent, they have lost their original purpose.
  • Opines that even the stance on the military was against the war because they are the only people that will ever see the horror that is in the jungles of vietnam.
  • Analyzes how the students for a democratic society felt like the war was pointless at its roots and the soldiers would rather be approaching this conflict at another angle.
  • Explains that by 1975 there was no public support. most of the citizen and the soldiers did not know the full reason for being over there.

The way that his acceptance speech reads is years ago the government put their wing over the American people because they could not financially afford to do themselves. However it seems that it was the government themselves that put them where they are at this time by imposing impossible taxes and laws. Reagan sees that “A phased reduction of tax rates would go a long way toward easing the heavy burden on the American people.” (Reagan) as he nears the conclusion of his speech he mentions that “It is the responsibility of the president of the united states, in working for peace, to insure the safety of our people cannot successfully be threatened by a hostile foreign power.” (Reagan) This doesn’t even mention anything on our soil, but it gives light on that He will …show more content…

In the early stages it did actually work He brings up the idea of Dominos and how this could relate to communism. How. “You have a row of dominos set up, you knock over the first one, and what will happen to the last one is the certainty that it will go over very quickly. This was the idea that if this very small conflict was to fall to communism, it would be a stepping stone to eventually find its way to the United States and overturn our government. He wanted to promote the “Free World” and in this sense he was. We wanted the United States to be a role-model for the other countries. The next presidential term proved the same. Written in a letter for a news company a breed of survey was taken. In this survey, it gave four facts. 1) If we were to surrender at this time, it would show that America was not loyal to its word. 3) Even If at times it seems that fighting in the Vietnam War is not worth the American lives that are lost. If Vietnam falls to communism the people of Vietnam would not have anything worth fighting for. But the main issue touches on what President Eisenhower said just a few years earlier. “If the communist aggressors are permitted to attain their goals in the conquest of Vietnam…What’s to stop them from broadening their goals to include the entire world?” (Spinn) Basically the domino Theory. The risk of the government at some point falling to the

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