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887 words

Throughout American history presidents leave a legacy that either very positive or especially negative. Ronald Reagan was a president that left an undeniable positive legacy. Following the footsteps of what the country deemed poor leadership Reagan became an almost folk hero as he used his infamous campaign slogan ; Let’s make America great again to win the presidency after Jimmy Carter. Prior to his great landslide victory the United State had become embroiled in a Cold War under the leadership of President Harry Truman. It would take many years later for this Cold War to end and Ronald Reagan would get credit for bringing about that end. This paper will attempt to address how the Cold War revived during the Eighties and how Ronald Reagan …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how ronald reagan left a positive or negative legacy in american history. he used his infamous campaign slogan, let's make america great again, to win the presidency after jimmy carter.
  • Explains the relationship between the united states and russia prior to reagan's election. nixon hoped to take the heat off his domestic problems by showing his ability to gain foreign support.
  • Explains reagan's belief that the soviets considered détente a sign of american weakness and vulnerability.
  • Analyzes how ronald reagan pushed for the end of totalitarian government and democracy for all. his strategic defense initiative intimidated the soviet leaders and influenced them to reduce nuclear weapons.

His stance was that “ détente's been a one-way street that the Soviet Union has used to pursue its own aims. Their goal must be the promotion of world revolution and a one world communist or socialist state." According to President Reagan, the Soviets considered détente a sign of American weakness and vulnerability ( WeThe Reagan believe that the United States needed to improve and secure its economic and military power. He felt that by doing so the United States would send the message that it would not sit idly by and accept the oppression of the Soviet Union on other nations. The Soviet Union was attempting to spread Communism as far as possible and Reagan felt that if America stood up to the Soviet Union than Communism could be halted. One of the major points of Reagan’s theory was that the Soviet Union was not as strong as it appeared to be and if America challenged it economically then it could cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. Reagan surmised that the government controlled economy of the Soviet Union would not be able to stand against the free market economy of the U.S. Another tactic that Reagan used was that of the “arms race”. The U.S. began to build up its military and it challenged the Soviet Union to do the same. Reagan’s belief was that the economy of the Soviet Union would not be able to compete with the

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