Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Act.I Sc.V


Act I Scene V is a very exciting and dramatic scene in the play. I am

going to comment on the way that William Shakespeare makes this scene

engaging for the audience. This scene takes place at the Capulet

household. It is the moment when Romeo and Juliet meet for the first

time. Also it is where Tybalt recognizes Romeo, this adds tension and

excitement to the scene. Then when Romeo and Juliet discover that each

are from feuding families, they are both distraught. This adds drama.

All of these events are important, as this scene is the turning point

in the play. Shakespeare uses a dramatic effect but at the same time

he creates an exciting atmosphere making this scene a very important

point in the play. First he creates tension by sending a Montague to

the Capulet house for a masked ball, this creates a will he or wont he

get caught dilemma. Then Romeo takes off his mask and is recognized by

Tybalt. All of these important, contrasting events eventually lead to

the unnecessary deaths of two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet.

This scene opens with all of the servants frantically rushing around

in preparation for the Capulet ball. The mood in this scene is very

busy and rushed. The servants use short sentences in their haste to

get things done quicker, this adds more speed to the scene. "You are

looked for, asked for and sought for in the great chamber". Three

verbs in one sentence convey the action and frenzy. This makes the

audience respond with excitement to the upcoming event as the rush at

the start of the scene builds tension to what happens later on in the

scene. I think the audience feels this way as formal events, like the

Capulet ball, are usually settings in dramas for something big or

tragic to happen that shocks everyone. Shakespeare and indeed other

Elizabethan dramatists used this as a typical device to create


The scene then begins to focus on Capulet welcoming all of the guests
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