Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Firstly Shakespeare's stagecraft helps to convey the dramatic

importance of act three scene one. This scene is in the middle of the

play and is a pivotal point as it creates a contrast between the first

and the second part of the play. In this scene Marcutio and the

Montagues quarrel with the Capulets. Romeo arrives to the scene

married to Juliet but before he can tell his good news a fatal brawl

breaks out between Tybalt and Marcutio. It becomes dangerous when

swards are drawn which results in the death of Romeos cousin Marcutio.

Romeos mood dramatically changes. He is enraged, and kills Tybalt. The

Prince banishes Romeo. Romeo and Juliet are tragically separated.

Shakespeare has carefully placed the scene to cause tension and

contrast. Before act three scene one, we see the beautiful and gentile

marriage of Romeo and Juliet. The audience is lulled into a false

sense of security. They feel empathy towards the character and feel

that the relationship is blessed with hope and romance. This is

contradicted in the scene immediately after as it conveys death,

violence and the unravelling of the relation ship between Romeo and

Juliet. The contrast is strong and shocks the audience. We see the

situation spiralling out of all control.

Shakespeare uses the stage set- up to show dramatic importance. He

makes use of the largest square in Verona. The audience have already

seen a brawl in this square. It's the hottest day of the year;

lighting would be harsh and bright. Benvolio warns Mercutio 'the day

is hot, the Capulets are abroad/and if we meet, we shall not 'escape a

brawl/ for now these hot days the mad blood is stirring.'

The last time we saw such a large group of people was at the banquet,

here everyone is relaxed a fight between Mercutio and Romeo is

avoided. Lord Capulet say that Romeo is a good lad, all is well. In

contrast this scene, although still set with a large amount of people,

is tense, violent and there is a sense of disaster and foreboding.
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