Romeo and Juliet

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565 words

From the very beginning of the play, we know this story is a tragedy, not only because it was written by Shakespeare but also the narrator gave a summary at the beginning of what to expect. Why was it a tragedy though? It seemed like such a normal story: boy meets girl, they marry and live happily ever after. So what was it that made this story so different from its contemporaries? One thing could be how dramatic everyone was, how that caused the six deaths at the end of the play. Another might by the adults- one in particular that set the scenes in motion. It doesn’t take much analysis to see that both Romeo and Juliet are impulsive and like to take things to the extreme. Both of them threatened to kill themselves and happened to have succeeded at the end of the play. Romeo himself falls quickly in and out of love. First with Rosaline who he writes poetry about and says he’ll never love another like her, and then with Juliet only minutes after seeing her at a party. He sneaks into the Capulet garden to see Juliet knowing fully well he could get killed there, but doesn’t mind since ...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the narrator gave a summary of what to expect at the beginning of the play, which made it different from its contemporaries.
  • Analyzes how romeo and juliet are impulsive and like to take things to the extreme. both threatened to kill themselves and succeeded at the end of the play.
  • Analyzes how juliet, who knew romeo for less than 24 hours, married him and threatened to kill herself with the dagger in her purse.
  • Opines that the deaths of the two star-crossed lovers could have been avoided if the montagues and capulets had worked out whatever feud they had between them.
  • Analyzes how friar lawrence started the tragedy of romeo and juliet by telling everyone about moderation, being the peacekeeper between the two families, and not getting too wound up.
  • Opines that romeo and juliet could've had a cinderella-like ending if everyone had just quit being so dramatic about everything. due to impulsive actions from every one of the characters featured in this play, the audience was left with
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