Romeo and Juliet

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Significant experiences are an important factor in shaping and developing the choices of an individual.They can really impact the way someone acts and feels depending on the situation. In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, the lovers undertake an experience that plays with their fragile emotions. It challenges them to try and deal with the conflict standing in their way keeping them from something they want. Juliet, a composed young girl falls for love rapidly which makes her actions irrational. Love can cause an individual to make quick and irrational decisions followed by strong actions.
The introduction to Juliet in the play shows an innocent and illogical girl. She has lived her life shielded from the outside world, since she is the daughter of the Capulets. Her thoughts are untouched due to the protection placed for her. Juliet’s views towards love and marriage are very limited. Her words “It is an honour I dream not of” emphasizes how she never had a strong desire for love or even knowledge of it. It was not of high concern to her, she was still identified as a common teenage girl. The way she was portrayed in the beginning shows how much of a drastic change she endures that considerably modifies her view of life and love. Shakespeare revealed Juliet the way she was to help show the quick and emotional change that happens to her. She is immature because she has had no experience or knowledge of what love is, only what it appears to be.

The first meeting Juliet had with Romeo automatically influenced Juliet’s view towards love and marriage that was brought to her attention only a few minutes earlier. When Juliet set her eyes on Romeo she felt like she was in love with someone she’s never met. The lovers spoke litt...

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...lly with the pressure of all the events. Juliet grew up in a sense by taking issues into her own hands but she still needed more experience to fully grow up, inside there still is a little girl.

Juliet as well as Romeo were in the moment, very much in new love. The desire to be together and the other factors created more stress resulting in their actions. Juliet was overtaken by her emotions that helped convince her to act the way she did. She was just too young to realize many things so she acted for herself and what she felt she wanted without a care for others. It shows how one thing truly controlled the way Juliet was in only a matter of a few days. In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet he really portrays the effect that love had on Juliet and how it can make someone be irrational followed by harsh actions.

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