Romeo And Juliet Tragedy Analysis

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What makes the play more tragic is the fact that Friar Lawrence admits to the deal of helping these two lovers as he confesses to the Capulets and Benvolios. At that moment, both of the families are pretty shocked to find out the relationship between their son and daughter. Eventually, the Prince gives out the full explanation as well for the tasks made by Friar Lawrence in order to save Romeo and Juliet from their fate. The prince does explain: “This letter doth make good the Friar’s words, Their course of love, the tidings of her death; And here he writes that he did buy a poison Of a poor ’pothecary, and therewithal Came to this vault to die and lie with Juliet. Where be these enemies?—Capulet, Montague, See what a scourge is laid upon your…show more content…
This is the reason why the play ultimately should be categorized as a tragedy. We know that the topic of Tragedy itself can be described as some sort of disaster or misfortune. But it more precisely refers to a work of art that probes with high seriousness questions concerning the role of man in the universe (Sewall When we examine the concept of the role of man in the universe, we can begin to see that everyone plays some sort of part in any situation, and gives out their own entitled opinions. The person itself has one role to be the support for the structure of the world and help to maintain it in any way possible, but the people can be quick to judge and come up with different ways to figure out a…show more content…
The fact that Romeo and Juliet both have to keep their relationship on a lowdown is more than enough pressure for two teenagers, but on the other hand, Romeo himself is stirring up tragedy somewhere else as well. There is another character in the play called Rosaline. It turns out that she was originally intended to be Romeo 's actual love, but then left him for unstated reasons. However, Romeo had a belief of what his true love would be or look like, and he is not the kind of man who is a heartbreaker, but only searching around for ‘other options’. She still exists in the play in a spiritual sense, as to show that Romeo 's own actions too have taken their toll in later scenes.
The other way in which the play can be considered tragic is because of one super important detail of Friar Lawrence’s plan. Timing. He conditionally wanted to have Juliet take a potion that would make her appear dead, giving off a false perception to her family that she is already deceased before having to marry Paris. The afterwards the Friar would send his letter to Romeo at the time before Juliet wakes from her sleep, and then he and Romeo would go to collect her. Then at that time would Romeo and Juliet be free to escape to Mantua and finally live happily ever
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