Romeo And Juliet Teenage Love Analysis

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There are exceptions to every rule however, when it comes to the idea that teenagers are incapable of true love, Romeo and Juliet are not amongst them. In his play, “The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, “ William Shakespeare writes on the subject, via a tragedy involving two teens who believe they are truly in love. Despite their apparent passion and devotion though, articles such as Dezma Gainer’s “Getting a grasp on teenage ‘love’ can be complicated” bring forth several valid arguments that promote comprehension of what true love really is. Using her logic, it is evident that Shakespeare’s portrayal of young love is unreliable, as it depends heavily on stress and other outside forces, while true love should depend …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that shakespeare's portrayal of young love is unreliable as it depends heavily on stress and other outside forces, while true love should depend on mutual affection, trust, and respect.
  • Analyzes how gainer cites media, music, and celebrity activity as the root of dysfunctional teen ‘love’ ideals.
  • Analyzes juliet's motivation in her relationship, while not specified by gainer, is of a similar nature to other forms of encouragement mentioned in the article.
  • Analyzes how romeo's desire for physical contact sparked his interest in juliet. he kisses rosaline and explains her abstinence to benvolio.
  • Opines that shakespeare's tale is entertaining to read, but it degrades the already questionable legitimacy of young love. the experiences of romeo and juliet can serve as a lesson to the younger generations to look into your intentions before leaping into love

Unfortunately, Juliet was the progeny of a negligent mother, who couldn’t even hold a conversation with Juliet without the nurse’s presence. She invites her back to the room immediately after dismissing her, saying, “This is the matter. Nurse give leave awhile,/ We must talk in secret. Nurse come back again./ I have remember’d me, thou’s hear our counsel”(Shakespeare 1.3.8-10) This discomfort in JUliet’s presence, from one of the people she should be closest to, would have left a void in her life that she tried to fill at the first hint of affection she received from another person. For this reason, Romeo is able to effectively woo Juliet within days of their meeting. He is an intensely passionate young man, and when Juliet saw affection from him that she never saw from either Paris, her intended husband, or her mother, she married him in secret and disregarded her parents’ wishes in the hope of finally being happy. During her soliloquy on the balcony, she went so far as to say she would give up everything for Romeo, claiming, “Deny thy father and refuse thy name;/ Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,/ And i’ll no longer be a Capulet”(Shakespeare, 2.2.34-36). Based on Juliet’s willingness to sacrifice her family’s name and honor for a man who she has met only once, she did not receive the love she wanted and needed from her family. This, combined with her parents’ efforts to lock her into a loveless marriage would have made Romeo seem like the perfect escape from an empty existence. This is another case proving Gainer’s claims correct; Juliet was pressured into an affair with Romeo by outside forces, which didn’t actually have anything to do with her love for

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