Romeo And Juliet Techniques Analysis

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Producers all over the world have tried to create Romeo and Juliet using many different methods. Modernizing this will give the audiences a better way of learning what Shakespeare wanted to express in his piece. For this process, we will be focusing on the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time. It will be a film production, which highlights the character Juliet at a high school dance. At this school there are distinct popularity groups that say they are not allowed to socialize with people outside their group. Juliet is a geek and Romeo is a popular.Being at a dance the kids are all dressed up making it hard to tell who's who. Juliet goes to the dance looking for Paris the boy her mother said she should look for, but she ends…show more content…
She always follows the rules and she does exactly want her parents want. All Juliet wants in this story is to follow her mother's wishes. Her mother wants her to find true love while being fourteen at the time period of the Renaissance it was almost time for her to marry, but modernizing this her mother wants her to have her first boyfriend. Juliet thinks she's not ready, but ends up falling quickly once she realizes how kind and funny Romeo is. Being so young and wanting to listen to her mother she instantly falls for Romeo without knowing who he is, which ends up making it difficult for them in the future. Nurse ends up telling Juliet that Romeo is a popular which horrifies Juliet since they are in different social groups, but they have both falling so deep in love that they want to meet…show more content…
You have crowds of kids on the dance floor dancing to the blasting music, all in their formal attire. Juliet a young and innocent girl at only fourteen years old, stands over in the corner alone humming to the music. As Juliet is standing there she sees a boy crossing the dance floor in her directs. She notices that he's pretty cute. They have a quick interaction while Juliet stands there nervously tucking her hair behind her ear. Romeo approaches Juliet and holds her hand. She's confused at first why this young man is talking to her as well as touching her, but this makes Juliet more curious about him. Romeo tells Juliet that he wants to kiss her then he does. She is instantly in love with this boy, but he leaves and disappears. Juliet talks to Nurse to try and figure out who he is. Juliet sends Nurse to figure out his name. Being Juliet's first crush she falls instantly not knowing how this will end up. Once Nurse tells her who he is, she is heartbroken since being in two popularity groups they are not suppose to socialize without being bullied. She is excited finally finding her first love, but is horrified of what will come
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