Romeo And Juliet Strengths And Weaknesses

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453 words

After knowing a person for some time, their strengths and weaknesses and other personality traits become clear. That is apparent for Romeo in Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo Montague is portrayed to be both a strong and weak character. Friar Laurence tells him that he has “The unreasonable fury of a beast” (III.iii. 121), yet Juliet loves him enough to secretly marry him. Romeo is a character who possesses strength and weakness. Despite being set in the 14th-15th century, Romeo is similar to a modern day teenager: idealistic, immature, and always looking for love. When he hears of Rosaline’s decision to remain chaste, it “...lengthens Romeo’s hours” (I. i. 168). A dark storm cloud lingers around his head until he …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how romeo montague is a strong and weak character in shakespeare's tragedy, "romeo and juliet".
  • Analyzes how romeo is idealistic, immature, and always looking for love. his childlike emotions take over his ability to think rationally, especially the scene where he murders tybalt.
  • Analyzes how romeo is one of the weaker characters in the play, but he also possesses a few strengths, such as his willingness to marry juliet.
  • Analyzes romeo and juliet as a raw, breathtaking story of two star-crossed lovers that reveals characters’ faults and flaws, but also highlights their strengths.

One of the most important ones is his willingness to marry Juliet, a Capulet. He fought for her and defended his love in the midst of turmoil. Romeo puts aside the family division and decides to wholeheartedly give his love to her, “Then plainly know that my heart’s dear love is set // On the fair daughter of rich Capulet” (II. iii. 61-62) in marriage. Throughout the entire play, he never curses her name. Using his intense emotion, the amount of kindness and devotion he pours into their three-day relationship is a goal most couples never achieve. Romeo is both a strong and weak character. Romeo and Juliet is a raw, breathtaking story of two star-crossed lovers that reveals characters’ faults and flaws. However, it also highlights their strengths. Romeo Montague is just a young boy who is exposed to violence and conflict every day, but then his world is shaken with his love of the enemy’s daughter. He struggles through it and sometimes cannot control the way he feels, but at the end of it, we learn that his willingness to accept and love the enemy is a trait that we can rarely adopt. Romeo is a character that is both solid and

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