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The Depth of Love and Loyalty in Relationships Love and loyalty is a strong theme throughout Romeo and Juliet, however in relationships between romantic partners, family, and friends the amount of and the value of love and loyalty differs. Love and loyalty are necessary in all three relationships, the depth and the strength of love and loyalty are presented differently in the contrasting relationships. Friends usually by some similar interests, family by birth and relation, and romantic partners being first friends but then sealed with a stronger and more complex bond. Therefore the romantic partners would value love and loyalty the most. The amount of loyalty and loyalty is in different each relationship and relates to the belonging needs …show more content…

Romeo displays his love when he first sets his eyes on Juliet, he proclaims “O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!/It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night”(1.5.50) Without a doubt, Romeo is attracted to Juliet at first sight, and thus portrays his love for her. If anyone saw someone who had an attractive appearance would they be as captivated as Romeo was at first seeing Juliet? Probably not, on account of Romeo’s immediate love for Juliet this makes them special. This interaction reveals that Romeo chooses to pursue this relationship, because of the spark of love and emotion he feels from seeing her for the first time. Romeo successfully pursues their relationship, he and Juliet decide to declare their love and loyalty for each other. Romeo exhibits his loyalty to Juliet when they together decide to get married. Romantic partners show their love and loyalty through marriage and it is how people who share ample love dedicate themselves to their relationship for life. “If that thy bent of love be honorable,/Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow”(2.2.150) Juliet says this to test Romeo and see if he has enough loyalty to respond tomorrow, because she knows the value of loyalty as romantic partners will be important in their relationship. Romeo reciprocates Juliet’s value of loyalty by answering her the next day with his

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that love and loyalty is a strong theme throughout romeo and juliet, but in relationships between romantic partners, family, and friends, the depth and the strength of love are presented differently.
  • Analyzes how romeo, in his romantic relationship with juliet, values love and loyalty very highly.
  • Analyzes how juliet has similar feelings to romeo in regards to love and affection. she makes clear her values in her marriage going forward, saying that her love is plenty larger than what her wealth is worth.
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