Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Emily Estrada
Mrs. Thomsen
English 9/ D Block
31 March 2014
The Impatient
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a literary classic known for its tragic love story between Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. In Verona, Italy, Romeo Montague has a passionate affection for a woman named Rosaline who does not return the devotion. Burdened with great sorrow, his close friends Benvolio and Mercutio convince him to go to the feast hosted by his enemies, the Capulets. There, Juliet catches the eye of Romeo, casting aside any memory of Rosaline. Eager and engrossed with thought of each other, they plan to be soon married. Romeo asks Friar Lawrence to marry them, and he reluctantly agrees hoping it will end the feud. Soon after the wedding between Romeo and Juliet, Romeo finds Tybalt, now his cousin, and Mercutio arguing in the streets of Verona. When Tybalt and Mercutio begin to brawl, Romeo steps between them, causing Mercutio to be struck with Tybalt's sword causing Mercutio to die. Romeo, driven with a mixture of grief and anger kills Tybalt. Shell-shocked with what he has done, he flees to Mantua, avoiding death. Meanwhile, Juliet unwillingly becomes betrothed to a respectable man named County Paris. Though Juliet does not wish to marry Paris, her father, Lord Capulet, threatens her and calls her ungrateful. Troubled, Juliet runs to Friar Lawrence for a solution to get out of the arranged marriage. Friar, then advises Juliet to tell her father that she will marry Paris. Subsequently he hands her a potion that will make her look as if she is a corpse for forty-two hours. Meanwhile Friar Lawrence sends a letter to Romeo that will apprise him on the current situation and the potion. Juliet agrees to marry Paris, causing her father, ...

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... Juliet's demise. If he left the wedding on Thursday there would be more time for Romeo to receive the letter.
Romeo Montague is blinded by love which caused him to be impatient and as a result, makes abrupt and impulsive decisions. His actions are almost spur-of-the-moment reactions to the situation at hand. His killing of Tybalt, the marriage and the drinking of the poison are all decisions that are not well thought out and are signs of his impatience. Juliet is too young and does not fully understand love and her being apprehensive with the thought of living without Romeo is just a passing fad. Her impatience too, led her to make decisions that are not well thought out. Lord Capulet may love his family very much, but because of his impatience he cannot make good decisions. These characters impatient actions have contributed to the many tragic deaths in the play.
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