Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Many people think that society has changed so much over the years. That the way that children act, has taken a turn for the worst, but in reality children are learning from their ancestors. Children are lying to their parents, they are sneaking out at night to be with a boy that is “the one”, children are going back into the age of Shakespeare. In the play “Romeo and Juliet” which was written by William Shakespeare in 1597, there are two teenagers, Romeo and Juliet, who fall in love with each other. These two teenagers try to do everything that they can to live the rest of their lives together, except their families despise each other, so there is no way that they can live the rest of their lives together. So, many people believe that the way that our children are growing up today is taking away the fun parts of their childhood. However in this play Juliet did many of the things that teenagers are trying to do now. Children and sometimes adults now need to realize how your actions not only affect you but also the people around you, you also need to think about the consequences of the actions you make. At first Juliet falls in love at first sight with Romeo, then she takes a potion, which causes her family to think she is dead, and then how Friar Lawrence helps Juliet with the scheming, which shows how adults have to think about others as well.

The play Romeo and Juliet, shows how people really need to think about others, and the consequences that will be taken after their actions. Consequences are “the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier” (dictionary). The main characters in this play are Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague, and they both meet at a ball and fall in love at first sight. Their falli...

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...rona was grieving the loss of two very important people.

In Romeo and Juliet, there are many examples of a sense of selfishness throughout the play, coming from different characters. First we have the act of both Romeo and Juliet’s childish way of falling in love at first sight, then we have the weight of Juliet’s “fake” death that was put on her family, and lastly we have how even adults like Friar Lawrence can be selfish sometimes like when he gave Juliet the potion. Many people say that Friar Lawrence was not being selfish, and that he was just trying to help the teenagers, however him, being an adult needs to think about the consequences of his decisions. Many people would argue that because Romeo and Juliet are teenagers, that they don’t have the common sense to think about who they are hurting, and do not have the common sense to think about others.
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