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Rome Tourism overview
Tagline: A promising travel company takes responsibility to drop you at the third most visited city in Europe; that is Rome, the capital of Italy.
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Rome, the beautiful capital of Italy is one of the most lovable destinations by the tourists. Rome is a mixture of dreading ruins; awe-inspiring art, and a great street life. There are plenty of World famous museums such as Vatican Museum, Borghese Gallery and much more. Italy is a country with a great history but other than this, the beauty of some panoramic
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Rome came into the spotlight after the pope (the head of Roman Catholic Church) started living here. This made the city known for its arts, philosophy, education, and trade. Rome Tourism includes a various number of popular monuments but here are some top places which one should visit in Rome: Piazza Navona: It is one of the best masterpieces of Baroque architecture. It is like an open a restaurant which surrounds the historic place. It attracts a lot of visitors as it is populated by too many street cafes, open-air performance, and a vibrant festive atmosphere. Have a sip of the best coffee of your life along with enjoying a melodious performance in the background. It is a great place to relax and spend a quality time with your partner. It comes in one of the most romantic places in the world.
Colosseum: this place individually attracts about 4 million tourists annually. Initially, this place was called Flavian Amphitheatre. You can click some great pictures here. It includes an affordable ticket which you can buy in advance by booking online to avoid the crowd in the ticket queue. Many parts have been damaged but the significance of this place has never decreased and today also it is proudly standing in its original
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It was founded in the 16th century thus; it is one of the oldest museums in the world. The museum features 7km of historically, cultural artifacts. You will love the paintings here as these are very impressive. There are audio guides available in a cheap price. That can be bought to have the full knowledge of the different famous statues.
Galleria Borghese: you must have heard about the Royal Borghese family. In this gallery, there are some most extensive artworks. It gives a tough competition to the Vatican Museum. The gallery is full of Bernini, Raphael, and other creative works like floor tiles from the Colosseum. A good thing about his gallery over Vatican museum is that it only allows 300 people in it at a single time. Thus, you can observe and watch the gallery in good space. One gets a 2-hour session in a ticket which is good enough to visit this. It is advised to buy the ticket in advance.
The Pantheon: the building is very well preserved and has a great cultural significance. The history behind this building is still not found but there are many myths. Currently, it is used as a church and it also allows you to participate in mass. You will also find the remains of the king of Italy, Vittorio and Umberto along with his latter’s
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