Rome: The History And History Of Rome

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We see Rome as a city full of beauty and history everywhere you look, but you can appreciate the scenery and the city so much more if you know the history of Rome. Some of the key factors that made Rome what it is today are the people who founded it, the army, the slaves, the roads, how it was governed, the education, and the religion.
The legend of when and how Rome was founded was in 735 BC by a twin brother; Romulus. The legend has it that twin brothers named Romulus and Remus were abandoned as babies by their parents. They were placed in a basket in the Tiber River. The basket washed up onto land and a female wolf found Romulus and Remus. The wolf nursed them for a short time until a shepherd found them and raised them. When they became adults they decided to go back to where the wolf found them and make a city there. The brothers began to dispute where exactly the city should be founded. The dispute escalated and as a result Romulus killed Remus. Romulus named the city after himself, which is why it is called Rome (Romulus and Remus). This well-known story is obviously just a legend and there are many other legends as to how Rome was founded.
Rome was actually founded by growing out of a number of settlements that were in the seven hills near the Tiber River. These settlements were separated by marshland. The settlements were located in this area for the water supply. Each settlement was more likely for attack as a single settlement. As a joined settlement they would be stronger. The legend of Romulus and Remus makes the founding of Rome to be this quick process, but in reality it took years of hard work clearing out the marshland and other work before the settlements could be joined together. The early people of Rome grew ...

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...utors at home or schools. Roman schools were very different to what we call schools today. The schools were typically attached to a shop and divided by a curtain. Fear was the basis of learning in schools. “Boys were beaten for the slightest offence as a belief existed that a boy would learn correctly and accurately if he feared being caned if he got something wrong. for boys who continued to get things wrong some schools had a policy of having pupils held down by two slaves while his tutor beat him with a leather whip” (History Learning Site).
Rome is so much more than the buildings and scenery but how the Romans came about, their way of life, and the things created that shaped Rome into what it is today. Some of the key factors that made Rome what it is today are the people who founded it, the army, the slaves, the roads, how it was governed, and the education.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the roman army was a skilled force for rome because it not only protected its city but also expanded its power.
  • Explains that slaves had a great deal of importance to the romans. slaves were captured in battle and sent back to rome to be sold.
  • Explains that roman roads were straight and well-made. romans built around obstacles instead of going through them.
  • Explains that rome was governed by kings in its early days and developed its own form of government. rome's citizens gathered at assemblies to elect their own officials.
  • Explains that rome was founded by a number of settlements in the seven hills near the tiber river, separated by marshland.
  • Explains that the rich romans put a lot of faith into education, and that fear was the basis of learning in roman schools.
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