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Romanticism was a literary and artistic movement that arose in the late eighteenth century and died down towards the late nineteenth century. Romanticism originated in Europe but reached the Americas a few years later, at around 1830. American creativity first started to thrive due to American Romanticism; “For many years, this period and these writers were known as the American Renaissance…”(Ann Woodlief). Romanticism changed writing by emphasizing emotions like apprehension, horror, and awe; writers like Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne influenced it. Americans embraced Romanticism because of its emphasis on emotion and a one on one relationship with God. Since the United States was a relatively new country at the time, people…show more content…
He is considered by many to be the creator of the detective genre, but his best-known writings are gothic. He was the first American writer to try and make a living off of writing. He still has influence on us today, for example “The Raven” inspired the name of the NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens. However, his influence was not only limited to America, he inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write the Sherlock Holmes novels. He was also very well known as a literary critic, for example he enjoyed criticizing the works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Those are just a few of the things that make Edgar Allan Poe one of the most influential American writers of the Romanticism…show more content…
The most commonly used of these themes were emotional intensity, common man as hero, and nature as refuge. A characteristic that can be seen in many works of literature is nature taking an important role in the story. ”Although romanticism tends at times to regard nature as alien, it more often sees in nature a revelation of Truth . . . and a more suitable subject for art than those aspects of the world sullied by artifice. Romanticism seeks to find the Absolute, the Ideal, by transcending the actual" (A Handbook to Literature). The characters of these stories were also set apart from society and showed little or no character development. All of the different themes added a purpose for writing. Romanticism also created many sub genres like slave narratives, female gothics, and woman’s

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