Romanticism And Romanticism In Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights'

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Emily Bronte presented “wuthering heights “as a crossover between romanticism and realism. The novel genre is a hybrid and a mixture between romance and the factors of the real world where the situations blow away the Scenario in the very opposite direction. When we hear the word romance novel we directly think of a love battle and the winner is always the love factor. but in that novel Bronte presented the two edged novel in such a great sequence and the flow of the love bond and how it progressed to the extent of feeling that the other partner in your soul mate but at the end of the novel Bronte did surprise us with the
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but the strange thing when saying I am Heathcliff that means that even after marriage she still do have feeling for him and she never forget the love story of her life, they both acted like soul mates and the treated each other heavenly, the also grew up together and that bond was fed and grown by their childhood memories as they were living and growing up with each other in the same house wuthering heights. They really acted like 2 souls in one body and their love bond was very un-destroyable. But Catherine acted very selfish and she hurt herself and hurt everybody else to fulfill her desires toward the civilized and education life that she was willing to…show more content…
Heathcliff was an orphan whom Catherine father have adapted while he was on a business trip, to her he is an outsider he was uneducated. Henry have always tried to bully him he hated him so much. All of those elements have transformed Heathcliff’s personality in 180 degrees and especially when Catherine left him to marry Edgar meanwhile she didn’t even love him, she loved the life he was living.
Heathcliff was uneducated so he took a decision to take revenge from Catherine and of all those whom destroyed his childhood and life. when Edgar father’s died henry started to treat Heathcliff as a servant and that destroyed his relation with Catherine even more and her travelled abroad for 3 whole years and he came back educated and ready to take his revenge . when he came back he was brutal , cruel and abusive , he started losing the people around him but that was all to prove that he was a better man for him love Catherine and that she was hasty to leave him and marry Edgar . another point was included in Heathcliff’s romantic features was how the people used to see him and I quote “he is dark-skinned gypsy in aspect , in dress and manners a gentleman – that is , as much a gentleman as many a country squire … he has an erect and handsome figure – and rather moroe possibly some people might suspect him of a degree of under-bred pride”
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