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“Physical attractions are common, but a real mental connection is rare. If you find it, hold onto it.” This quote being said, think about how you would like to receive and give love in a romantic relationship. Everyone has different needs and wants in a romantic relationship. When finding a relationship type one usually will pull to one over the other due to their lifestyle at the time. Romantic relationships can be hard to figure out which type you may be in or was in, but each of these classifications will help people determine the relationship they may or may not have been in or are now in. Disney Relationships are so-called fairy tale relationships. The couple falls in love fast and one could say love at first sight. Cinderella, She danced…show more content…
The people that are infatuated with each other are infatuated to a fault. The couple is so loyal and devoted that each partner does what the other partner asks without thinking of consequences that are involved if there is any consequences. If the individuals knew of the consequences they would look over the downfall no matter what would happen. This type of relationship the couples don’t care about other people 's opinions. They will go to bat to help the other person to make them happy. This is a way the couple shows their love and loyalty. For example, Natural Born Killers the psychotic couple of Mickey and Mallory as social media stars. They were driving crazy down highways in middle-America. They give hell upon the innocent that they stumble into on their journey of violence. This is a relationship a person will not want to be in. If a person is in this type of relationship the best thing to do is to leave the relationship as quickly as possible. This type of relationship can be very damaging to a person 's spirit and soul. Unlike Bonnie and Clyde relationship, the sweet and salty relationship, the couples actually hate each other at…show more content…
They know everything about the other partner through family, friends, coworkers, etc. During the time that the couple hated each other they had a physical attraction, but they didn 't like each other 's personality. The couple ended up being in the same social circles so they always were seeing each other and started to have fun together. During these times the couple started to bond and decided to date and keep it underwraps due to what outsiders may think since they hated each other at first. After about six months or so the couple finally comes out about their relationship. This type of relationship is hard in a sense with having to keep their relationship a secret for six months. Keeping the relationship a secret for awhile can actually be a good thing since this gives the couple time to focus on their relationship. It also could be a bad thing since it could make a person feel unworthy of public knowledge of the relationship. A excellent example of this is in the movie Despicable Me 2, Gru goes on a mission with Lucy to find a bad guy. Gru can’t stand the sight of Lucy. As they reach the end of their mission Gru falls in love with Lucy. This love can be very intriguing. As you can see there is several different types of romantic relationships. Each person should be able to determine which type of relationship they have been in previously

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