Romantic Love And Love

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My depression was so bad at the beginning of my relationship that I trembled every time my boyfriend touched me. My body would cave and twitch in ways as if it were literally fighting a battle within itself. Depression was my mind destroying itself by thinking that he would view me (and my body) the same way that I did: with pure hate and distaste. I was afraid that he would see me for the imperfections that I am: the stretch marks from gaining and losing weight too quickly, the blemishes and imperfections of my skin, the thinning hair, and the sunken, sullen eyes. Entering a relationship while facing depression is one of the most difficult things imaginable because at the point, you are allowing someone to see you at your worst and most vulnerable. I believe you are more exposed to pain and being hurt by having an intimate relationship and when there is already so much pain from the depression, it can be hard to take the risk.
Though love is not necessarily a prophylactic for depression, perhaps it is the closest I can get to a cure. Though one would think that love seems to be an obvious cure to ease the burden of depression, in reality, it 's not. In general letting someone in is extremely hard. Love, though it cannot actually cure depression, cushions the burden. For me
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"Some love themselves and some love others and some love work and some love God: any of these passions can furnish that vital sense of purpose that is the opposite of depression (Solomon)". Any love or passion that a person has been an immediate release from depression and can help act as a cure for depression. Putting more time and energy into what you love rather than depression will clearly help focus on the positives in someone 's life and keep them away from the dark abyss. This works in two ways, though, some days your passion may be an immediate release from depression and other days it can worsen the
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