Romantic Era

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Over the centuries, many diverse musical eras defined the different ages. One musical style, beautiful, indefatigable, and unique, was the Romantic style. It lasted from the late eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century. It was brought about by the political and social stresses after the French Revolution, and the consequential nationalistic trends. The ambition for the Romantic composers was to be individualistic and different. They wanted to reflect their own emotions and feelings in their compositions (Kauble). The elements of the romantic era, styles, and composers, all convey the attributes of this distinctive time in music history.
Romanticism does not mean laying dreamy-eyed in a field graced with flowers bathed in sunlight. It doesn’t actually refer to romance at it. The movement was about intense personal expression. It signifies a staunch individualist, conveying deep and often uplifting emotions, such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony that marked the start of the Romantic era in music (Wilder). Penetrating boundaries was an honorable ambition shared by the inventor...
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